The track

A 700m circuit with a layout designed with a wide variety of curves. Great for fun A minimum width of 7m and a maximum of 10m. Several right and left corners, two chicanes and a layout that will require maximum concentration and give you the time of your life.
Trazado del Karting de Calafat
Length: 700m
Minimum width: 7m
Max width: 10m
The theory when taking a curve is that the best way is simple, from the outside in. It’s crucial to enter the corners at the right speed so that you don’t have to brake when entering or during the manoeuvre.
Breaking with a Kart must be handled with precision and force, you cannot brake for a long time, the most appropriate way is short bursts of powerful and precise braking, at the right time.
With a little experience, you will gain the confidence to accelerate more and more, and you will be interested in winning the race against the clock.
Instalaciones del Karting Calafat