In Karting Calafat we have several types of karts, which are suitable for all types of drivers and ages.

We have: Junior karts, adult karts, 420cc Racing karts, and double karts.

Kart Racing

It is our most powerful kart. It has totally unique characteristics. This Kart has a 420cc engine and has been manufactured in Italy with a customized assembly to adapt perfectly to our track.

One of the main advantages of this new Kart is its reduced weight, which means lower fuel consumption and greater efficiency on the track. In addition, this kart has greater front and rear protection, which provides greater safety for drivers during races.

Driving this kart, you will feel the same emotions as driving a competition kart. Our new Calafat Karting Kart is a great addition to our fleet of karts and we are sure that drivers will appreciate the improvements in terms of performance, safety and style.

kart sodi gt5

The Sodi GT5 sports has a 270cc Honda engine and a top speed of 80 km/h! Sodi Karts are considered the benchmark for kart rentals around the world and one of the best rides you’ll find on the track!

At Calafat karting we offer more than just a rental kart experience, allowing you to get the best performance from the engine and the kart. The Sodi GT5 is an ideal off-roader and is ready to give you a truly extreme experience!!

Junior Kart

It is a kart of initiation to the driving of karts, one of initiation, has 120 cc, and are ideal for children from 6 to 13 years old. The little ones will have a lot of fun driving these karts.

Sodi 2Drive, Two-seater Kart

We think that everyone should be able to enjoy the karting experience, so we finally have the new two-seater kart, the 2Drive.
Ideal for teaching driving techniques or allowing children to experience the sensation of karting, the sodi 2Drive is powered by a 270cc Honda engine and has an exclusive patented system that allows the passenger steering wheel to be static or dynamic.

The accelerator and brakes are controlled by the adult, but the kart has two synchronized steering wheels so that the companion can drive.