Children’s birthday in karting Calafat!


Celebrating a children’s birthday in Karting Calafat is an excellent idea, as it is a very fun and exciting activity for children. Go-karts are small and safe vehicles, specially designed for children to drive safely.

In addition, Karting Calafat has a large and well-maintained track that allows children to experience the speed and excitement of driving a sports racing vehicle. The track is designed to offer an exciting challenge for children, but at the same time is safe and age-appropriate.

Have a great time celebrating a children’s birthday in karting Calafat

At a children’s birthday party at Karting Calafat, children can compete against each other and enjoy an exciting and fun driving experience. Parents can enjoy the view from the observation area, while children enjoy the thrill of driving on the track.

On the other hand, we have a playground and a barbecue area, where children will have a great time.

In addition, the staff at Karting Calafat is friendly and helpful, and is always ready to help and provide guidance to the children, making sure they have a safe and memorable experience. In short, celebrating a children’s birthday at Karting Calafat is an excellent option for those who are looking for an exciting and fun activity for children in a safe and controlled environment.

We share the photos of the last children’s birthday we celebrated in karting calafat!


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