Do you want to celebrate a birthday in tarragona and do not know where?


If you are looking to celebrate a birthday in Tarragona and you are looking for a special and fun place, you are in the right place. Celebrating a birthday is always a reason for joy and fun, and what better way to do it than in the exciting setting of Karting Calafat in Tarragona? If you are looking for a unique and adrenaline-filled experience to celebrate your special day, Calafat Karting offers a perfect combination of entertainment, challenge and excitement that will leave unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

Celebrate a birthday in tarragona with fun and excitement

Located in the picturesque province of Tarragona, Karting Calafat is an idyllic place to celebrate birthdays in a completely new and exciting way. Located at the mythical Calafat circuit, offering an adult karting track and a junior karting track with a friendly atmosphere, this place is perfect for those looking for a birthday experience that is out of the ordinary. What better way to create lasting memories than by competing in exciting kart racing with your closest friends and family? You can enjoy a picnic area with barbecue, 420 cc karts and much more.

celebrate a birthday in tarragona

Excitement for All Ages

One of the advantages of celebrating a birthday at Calafat Karting is its versatility. The facilities are designed to satisfy both young and old, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of racing. Children can experience the thrill of driving their own go-karts in a safe and controlled environment on the junior track, while adults can race and prove who is the king or queen of the track on the adult track. So now you know, if you want to celebrate a birthday in Tarragona with lots of excitement and fun, count on Karting Calafat.

An Unforgettable Birthday

The combination of the speed of karting and the festive atmosphere of a birthday party creates an unforgettable event for all participants. In addition to racing, Calafat Karting offers additional services to make your special day even more memorable. From comfortable lounging areas to catering options if needed, which will satisfy all tastes, the venue is prepared to cater to your every need and desire.

How to Book your Celebration

Booking your birthday celebration at Karting Calafat is very easy. Simply contact the reservations team and explain your needs and preferences. You can choose from different packages to suit your requirements, which guarantees that your birthday will be exactly as you imagined it.


You know, if you want to celebrate a birthday in Tarragona has never been as exciting as in Calafat Karting. The combination of speed, fun and spectacular surroundings makes this place an exceptional option to celebrate in a unique and exciting way. Whether you are a speed enthusiast or looking for a fun experience to share with friends and family, Calafat Karting awaits you with engines running to make your birthday a truly special occasion.


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